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Scarlett and The Beautiful Horses Photoshoot | Camden, Sydney

Last year I held a Hergott Photography "My horse is the sweetest" photo competition and as my first equine photoshoot of the year I had the pleasure of photographing the prize winner Scarlet and her her two stunning horses.

The session was held at a picturesque property in Sydney, Camden on a beautiful sunny day, providing the perfect backdrop for capturing the special bond between this young girl and her beloved equine companions.

The location was also special because the family was moving away from Camden, so it was great to also take photos at a place that will remind them a certain time of their life.

As we began the equine photoshoot, Scarlett eagerly posed together with Vayda her palomino horse and explored all the perfect locations around the trees, fence and the lush green fields with pretty long grass. She was clearly comfortable around these gentle giants, and in front of my camera. Scarlett and Vayda was affectionate and trusted each other. We also captured some candid moments of the duo enjoying each other's company.

Once I started taking more formal-guided shots, it became clear that this little girl was a natural in front of the camera, just like a lil model. She posed with confidence and poise, her infectious smile lighting up each frame. Her horses were equally photogenic, with their shiny coats adding a touch of majesty to every shot.

As the session progressed, we moved to different locations around the property, taking advantage of the variety of backdrops on offer. From the rustic fence to the white vibrant flowers, each setting brought its own unique charm to the photos. The sweetest little girl Scalrett and her horses remained cooperative throughout.

As the day drew to a close, we wrapped up the horse photoshoot with a few final shots in the golden light of the setting sun and took few individual photos of the horses too. I think I can say we spent a memorable day together in front of the camera. I was delighted with the photos we had captured, and couldn't help but feel grateful for the opportunity to witness such a special bond between a child and her animals.

Hope you enjoyed these photos too and if you are feeling motivated to spend some time together with me during a nice horse photoshoot, and you are located around the Sydney area, do not hesitate to contact me via the below form :)




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