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"My horse is the sweetest" | Hergott Photography Photo Contest | 2022

I'd like to give a chance to people for who it wouldn't be accessible to have a photoshoot with me. Therefore I have created this photo contest for all horse owners located within 70km from Sydney.

I've received 8 beautiful submissions and all the photos were absolutely super sweet!

The whole concept of this competition was that everyone's friends could vote and the horse with the most votes could win a super prize, a Hergott Photography voucher valued at $1000.

Also to encourage the voters, everyone who lives within 70km from Sydney, had a chance to receive a minor Hergott Photography voucher valued at $400, this voucher could be used either for Equine or a Canine session.

I've received over 120 votes and the winner received 53 votes!! Thank you everyone who has submitted a photo and thanks for everyone who voted!

The winning photo is this sweet mare Vayda with her cute little human! I cannot wait to capture these two!

If you are still looking forward to receive an e-mail from me with the overall results, please bare with me a bit as I finalise the postcodes and who is eligible to receive a $400 voucher. <3

Looking forward to meet everyone who already accepted the voucher and hope, it will really make people happy!

Have a lovely afternoon,

Sydney based equine and canine photographer. Taking photos and videos of horses and dogs across Greater Sydney.


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