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The experience you won't regret, dynamic, emotional and fun!  

Your personalised Photographic experience is much more than a photo shoot.  Your photographic experience begins with a few conversations to really get to know you, your horse and dog. Beautiful and meaningful portraits don't just happen which is why we take the time to really get to know you and what it is that makes your bond with your horse and dog special to you. Wouldn't it be AMAZING to have these moments encapsulated in beautiful artwork displayed in your home for you to enjoy for a lifetime! 

You ready?

yorkshire terrirer Sydney photographer

The Roadmap

Step 1: Complete the inquiry form here.

I'm here to capture the raw, genuine moments you share with your pets throughout their lifetime. Because they deserve to be remembered.

Step 2: Let's meet!

We'll hop on a Zoom or Video call to get to know one another and make sure we're a great fit! This is also a great time to learn more about you,  your preferences, and what you're looking for in a pet photographer.

Step 3: It's planning time

Once you're ready to move forward, I'll send over your paperwork along with a questionnaire on your specific photo preferences, inspiration, locations, etc. If you need help planning it all out, I'm your gal every step of the way!

Step 4: Your scheduled session

Once the big day arrives, I'll be there to document the raw, genuine moments with your pets. My focus is on capturing the bond between animal and human in its finest moments , whether it be adventures or everyday life right at home.

Step 5: Image delivery

I'll send over a sneak peak of some photos within 48 hours of your session. Within 3-4 weeks of your session, I'll send over all your edited images to your email via a custom online gallery. From there, you'll have the opportunity to purchase prints, albums, and other home goods should you choose.

Elegant Paper
~ Thomas





Photo session at an outdoor location

  • Your chosen location (up to 60 km from Mosman)

  • Yummy treats for your dog or horse

  • Renting my available props (black or white backdrops, dresses, flower browband, photo halter)

  • A purchasing session in the comfort of your home or online via Zoom to select your favourite images and wall art product

  • Including Retouched digital images

Starts at $500



Are you holding a Pony Club Training Day, a small Showjumping or Dressage competition? Beach day with the Horse Riding School students? 

Equine Event coverage is FREE for organisers, including 3 digital images for marketing purposes 


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So you have your photos done... now what?

Your photos are meant to be enjoyed, not end up in a box high up in a closet somewhere or deep within the online cloud never to be seen again!

Once you get your final gallery delivered, we'll go over your options for displaying your new artwork.

Pricing starting at $200



Have more questions that aren't answered here? Reach out and I'll be happy to assist you!

  • What happens if the weather is bad on the day of my photoshoot?
    The weather is one of those unpredictable things. I will keep a close eye on the weather forecast in the days leading up to your photoshoot. If it is raining I will contact you in the morning and confirm whether you want to go ahead. In light rain, I normally would go ahead as those rainy photos have something magical and different. If the weather is bad I will recommend rescheduling your photos session.
  • When and where can I view my photos?
    Depending on workload, a sneak peek of photo will be sent within 3 days. The final photos will be available within 3 weeks. These photos will be sent to you via an online private gallery. We will go through them together too and I will show you the print ordering options and you can decide which ones you'd like to select.
  • How many photos will I get to choose from?
    It depends which package you purchase. In the basic session I send approximately 50 to 60 images Adventure or Lifestyle session can go up to 300 images to choose from VIP session is very custom made so it really depends on occasion or event
  • Can I print my photos?
    Every photo lab uses different printers and from experience, the colours will come out differently and it might not be a great quality (some may also differ with colour) depending on which lab you use. To ensure you receive the best printed product I print your photographs at a professional lab that does not service the public. My editing software is calibrated with their printers which means that the colours are perfect. The paper and printing quality is designed to last more than a lifetime without fading. You will receive all the photos you have ordered a print for in a high quality digital image, however I cannot guarantee the quality if you print these photos.
  • Can I post on social media such as Instagram or Facebook?
    Yes! I highly encourage posting your photos on social media. Photo credit would be most appreciated. If you would like, please tag @hergott_photography on Instagram or Hergott Photography on Facebook.
  • How do I pay for my photo session?
    I prefer transfer. However I do accept cash, PayPal and the invoice can be paid via card through Stripe secure payment.
  • Can I have a black background image as well?
    Yes, these images need to be taken in the entrance of a stable or a barn area. We will set up your horse at the end of an aisle or indoor arena and close all doors and turn off all lights inside the barn behind your horse. The settings in my camera will darken the background behind your horse. The rest of it is editing. Sweeping the barn floor and raking the arena dirt creates a beautiful clean look. If you do not have a barn, we can use either my black or white backdrop. We will need to use a spot in the shadow preferably with concrete floor.
  • Can I have photos without tack if my horse wouldn’t stand still?
    Yes, no problem at all. I have a so-called photo halter that is suitable for all sizes. It is safe to use and really easy to photoshop out. We can use this on lounge or posed photos too.
  • Can I have a photoshoot with more than one horse?
    Yes, no worries at all
  • What if my horse doesn’t want to stand still or misbehaves?
    This is something you don’t need to worry about. Things don’t always go to plan, I’m patient and I work with what each model is willing to do.
  • Do you travel anywhere?
    Yes, within NSW! I’m very happy to travel for Equine photoshoots and include up to 60 km (from North Sydney) in our session fees; beyond this distance I’m charging $1/1 km. I there are more of you wanting to get a photo session in the same location, you can split the cost. I travel with my family around Australia for holiday (if there is no lockdown). I announce in advance on my social media where I am going to be and if you are around I am happy to take your photos with no extra travel cost.
  • Can I bring a friend to the photoshoot?
    Absolutely! I highly recommend bringing any one who can during our photoshoot. It is very helpful to have another set of hands during an outfit change and also with your horse. Choose a friend or family member you are comfortable with.
  • How should I prepare my horse for our session?
    I suggest that you bath your horse the morning of your session giving him enough time to dry before we start. Basically they should be prepared as if they are going to a show. They don’t have to be plaited up unless that’s what you want in the photos. If you’d like to use a halter, bridle, saddle make sure you clean that before. I also wrote a blog about how to prepare your horse for your photoshoot, you can check it here.
  • I do not want my dog to be off leash, is that okay?
    Sure! If you would like to have photos without the leash, it's no problem to edit the images and remove the leash.
  • How should I prepare my dog for the session?
    I suggest that you bath your dog the morning of your session giving him enough time to dry before we start. If you like different outfits for your dog make sure it is clean too. I have a bunch of ideas and advises when it comes to preparation and I talk about it over our first chat. In the meantime you can check out my blog about this topic.
  • What if my dog is not very well behaved or over exited?
    The session is personalised to your dog behaviour. In case he/she is too active we can start with some action shots. I also have few tricks that gets their attention and I am very patient too. So no worries at all your dog will want to have another session after he/she experiences what it's like to be a model ;)
  • Can I have a photoshoot with more than one dog?
    Sure! No worries at all, bring your whole pack!
  • Can I have black or white background images as well?
    Currently I am not working in a studio however I do have black or white backdrop. To be able to capture nicely your dog, he/she needs to stand on a concrete floor or I can take only portraits. Everything is about how we discuss it before our session, so if you'd like colours just let me know and we can work it out.
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