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Camden Working Equitation & Dressage Comp | at Sydney International Equestrian Centre

How lucky I am to take videos at SIEC (Sydney International Equestrian Centre). They host a variety of different equestrian disciplines. One of those is Working Equitation. 5th February Saturday I definitely had fun being there! Here is a little mash-up of the videos I took:

How does it work when I take footage on a day like this?

Videography is sure a lot more different than Photography. You cannot move from one place to another and you have to have the right spot taking footage.

What is the process behind?

  • If I got contact details, I message beforehand to everyone if they'd like to pre-book a video

  • If yes, they pay 50% of the final fee and I'll record them as priority.

    • Their video is edited first and I'll send them ASAP

  • If I don't get a reply I record videos when I have spare time at the event

  • After the event I publish a watermarked, non edited, low resolution footage. If someone who did not pre-booked can find a footage of herself, they can purchase the high resolution, edited, non watermarked video.

Why having a videographer on an equine event is great?

Videos are getting more popular and more accessible to everyone. Having a video from a phone is great, however your phone is not going to zoom in well enough to record all the obstacles far at the arena.

My main area is taking photos however I started to take videos at equine events and I am more than happy to get a booking for such a day. If you are organising a showjumping, dressage or any other equine show and you think you'd like to have a videographer on board as well, message me and let's see if I have availability to be there.

Cannot wait to meet you at your equine event! Have a lovely day,

A Sydney based Equine and Canine Photographer, taking photos in Greater Sydney, NSW


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