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Social Media videos for Equine Businesses | Trending reels and recordings | Sydney

Let's face it social media is a great marketing resource for businesses. In the Equine and Canine world we all love to check what other people use, get a review from personal experience. And what is better is seeing videos of the products in use.

I've started with videography in early 2019 when Covid hit and we couldn't go anywhere. It was a great thing for me to learn. Learn how to set up correctly the camera, learn what are the best angels and how to do some edits.

I've been enjoying this journey and started to offer video and reels for clients as well. As my expertise are in Equine and Canine world my videos are also for Equine or Canine businesses or individuals who'd like to have some more videos on their web or social media such as Instagram, Facebook or even YouTube.

You can check my most recent reels on Instagram in this link. Or previous videos on this link.

If you are interested in receiving a video or a reel do not hesitate to check what options you have if you decide to work with me.

Message me (Eva) by filling out this form :)

Have a wonderful day,


Sydney based equine and canine videographer and photographer. Taking photos and videos of horses and dogs across Greater Sydney.


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