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Talicia & Bambi Dressage Test Videography | SIEC Dressage Photography and Videography

Many of you know Talicia and Bami from YouTube. She is an amazing rider and such a kind person. I contacted Talicia to practise my videography on her. Unfortunately due to the weather several comps were canceled or I didn't have time.

Finally for Sydney Dressage event, which took place at Sydney International Equestrian Centre we agreed to meet and record at least one of her dressage tests (unfortunately her second test was in the afternoon, when I had a photoshoot, therefore I couldn't record everything).

Talicia and Bambi Dressage at SIEC

Of course, Sydney weather decided to rain on us. So the videos I took during our training session were all hand held as I didn't want to pack out all my equipment in the rain.

Also I was too slow to get a right position so the dressage test was also recorded from a bit further away then I imagined it to be. This just shows how great it is to practise a new skill and what to pay attention for when I record videos for my horsey clients.

You can enjoy the videos in Talicia's Youtube page where she shares the difficulties and the joy of her ride.

I do offer different video sessions, however I still have some ideas and want to try out new things in my equine videography skill, so if you book in an equine photoshoot around Sydney with me, and you'd like to show your connection with your best friend horse recorded on a video, you get at least one reel edit for free. This offer is valid until I recall! This offer is NOT valid on events.

Let me know if you are interested and we can discuss the equine videography details.

Have a lovely day,


Sydney based equine and canine photographer. Taking photos and videos of horses and dogs across Greater Sydney.


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