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GEC Combined Training | Rural Sports Facility Galston | Dressage and Showjumping Photography

On Sunday 13.11. I've attended the most friendly equestrians club's combined training, the GEC combined training held at the Rural Sports Facility at Galston and photographed the Showjumping and Dressage tests.

The combined Training is a combined competition made up of a dressage test followed by a show jumping round. I tried to photography both rings and I loved how happy everyone was no matter what were the weather conditions.

You can find the Dressage photos HERE

And you can find the Jumping photos HERE

Here are some photos from the event :)

I've also taken a short video of one of the pretty horses and beautiful riders Nat, you can have a look at it HERE.

Thanks so much for having me photograph your horsey event. Hopefully will see you again soon.

Have a lovely day and thank you for purchasing photos from me.


Sydney based equine and canine photographer. Taking photos and videos of horses and dogs across Greater Sydney.


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