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A Romantic Equine Portrait Session | Avondale Pony Club Grounds in St. Ives, NSW

I was again lucky to photograph an amazing session at an amazing location. I've never been at, the Avondale Pony Club grounds at St. Ives, but I got to go there to take photos of an absolutely gorgeous lady 💃 and her super pretty and calm horse 🐴

A romantic backlit photo of a pretty girl and her black horse in St. Ives Sydney

The photoshoot started out sunny, which provided a perfect lighting for the first few photos. We started at the large field and rushed a bit to catch the sunlight, since dark clouds were approaching.

Once the clouds rolled in, I adjusted my camera settings to capture the dramatic sky that was forming overhead. I love how natural light can create such diverse, beautiful scenes. Luckily Lola's Mom was there to help in assisting during the photoshoot. It is always such an important part of the photoshoot and I always appreciate it when a family member or a friend is there to help out.

As the clouds thickened above Avondale Pony Club grounds the light softened and created an overcast atmosphere, that allowed me to capture some more moody photos in the yellowish greenish autumn colours. Lola and Promise were real good following my guidance in posing throughout the equine photo session as well as they showed off their beautiful, elegant movements.

At the end of the session, we walked to the pony club's drive way that I loved when I've arrived, and we took some final photos there too.

Overall, the afternoon spent with Lola and Promise at the St. Ives Avondale Pony Club grounds was truly unforgettable. The changing weather conditions provided a range of lighting opportunities, which allowed me to capture a variety of shots that showcased the beauty and elegance of these lovely souls 🥰

If you're looking to capture some natural light equine photography of your own, feel free to contact me to discuss what is on your mind and we can discuss the details. 😊

Have a lovely day,



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