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Equine Videography | insides from a Sydney based aspiring videographer

Videography has been more and more popular in the past years. Apps like Instagram with the new Reels feature and TikTok are growing rapidly and more photographer started to record short videos too.

That's what happened to me too. During lockdown I spent my time on online education so I learn more about videography.

I learned the right settings, bought a special lens filter, a gimbal, played around with it and took several videos for free just so I practise.

I still didn't include videography into my packages as there is so much to learn and it is not just about focusing to the right spot. Currently I offer free videos for everyone who booked in a private photo session with me and is interested in videos too.

The latest equine recordings I took are from home when I visited Mom who works with horses and teaching them according the TRT Method.

One of my favourites is her work with the horse named Álom.

Álom is working so amazingly, but it wasn't always like that. In the beginning he was scared of things and wouldn't be so focused. By now he gives his full attention and is very keen to learn.

He is also very much loved by his owners who do every extra care for him.

My other favourite is stretching and a bit of ground work with the horse called Hajnika.

Hajnika is a very energetic horse and she wasn't known for standing still. She still has a long way to go but look at that, she is not trying to escape or use her energy in a wrong way. She focuses and takes the guidance from Mom.

I am very proud how far I went from not knowing anything about videography and how my short recordings look now.

If you are in Grater Sydney, and you'd like to have a short or even a longer equine video planned and recorded don't hesitate to contact me.

I can't wait to do an amazing footage for you!

Have a lovely day,

Sydney based equine and canine photographer. Taking photos and videos of horses and dogs across Greater Sydney.


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