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Why should I hire a professional pet photographer? | Tips from a Sydney based Pet photographer

There are several reasons why to hire a professional pet photographer even though you might have hundreds if not thousands of photos in your mobile of your beautiful dog and/or horse.

Young Age

Your puppy grows fast and the puppy stage fades away earlier than you realise. This is the same when you have a foal.

Pet photography is the perfect way to capture a new furry addition to your family while they’re still small, giving you adorable images to look back on when your dog is full-grown and barely resembles their younger self.


You book a family session, a wedding photographer, a couple photoshoot, photos for a new baby.

It doesn't matter if your pet is a dog, cat, or horse, they are all part of your family. Why wouldn’t you book a session for them? A pet photographer will capture your dog personality, can do cool action shots and the best in all that you can be on the photos too, not like when you are the one taking the mobile photos.

A nicely composed photo of your horse can make an amazing piece of art in your living room too.

Professional Pet Photographer

A professional pet photographer will take care of retouching the image: removing bugs, removing the leash from the photo, removing people in the background, enhancing the fur details, the colours, etc.

Camera VS. Phone

A professional pet photographer knows tricks, finds the best compositions and makes sure that the light is used correctly.

Old Age

however dogs, horses, and cats don’t have such long lives like we humans do. The time will come when you have to say goodbye, and when you do you will be grateful to have quality photos to look back on. Photos where you can see the love you shared. It will be with you forever and that’s something no one can take from you.

To display in your home, you’ll want professional pet photos that are done with taste and grace.

If you are living in Sydney you are most welcome to get in touch with me and capture your special relationship with your horse, dog, cat or even a parrot.

Hope this helps to decide to get professional photos of your beloved animal.

Have a lovely day,

Tips from a Sydney based equine photographer. Taking photos of horses and dogs across greater Sydney.


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