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The prettiest Border Collie | Photoshoot in Mosman

When I first saw Valentino I was extremely exited to take photos of him. Not just because he is a pretty Border Collie but also because he is smart and I've never photographed a Border Collie before.

We discussed with Valentino's "daddy" that we will spend some time around Balmoral Beach and take photos that area. That's one of my favourite spot, so I really hit the jackpot with this pet photoshoot.

You could see how they love each other, it is so nice and pure.

We had a lot of fun and Balmoral really gave us the best backdrop that a pet photoshoot could wish for. We also did few action shots, as Valentino the smart Border Collie loves to catch his little orange ball.

Hope you liked this little story of him. If you did and you'd like your dog to have some nice portraits or action photos, do not hesitate to book in your pet photography session. Or just write me for details.

Have a lovely day,


Sydney based equine and canine photographer. Taking photos and videos of horses and dogs across Greater Sydney.


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