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The most beautiful dog photoshoot in Arcadia

I did the most adorable dog photoshoot at Arcadia when I took photos of Papi and Artie.

Papi is a Jack Russel x Whippent and he is really smart 🤓 Emma his owner friend thought him so many tricks and he sure is a perfect family member.

These are my favourite photos of him. We've got some cool light and he really did such a great job modelling.

Papi's friend Artie is a rescued, ex racing, beautiful Grayhound.

Do you know what the racing involves for these beautiful Grayhounds⁉️

Before the photo sessions with Emma, I didn't know much about dog racing.

Now I wish people would understand what these poor dogs going through.

These dogs are running to catch an artificial lure. They normally race twice a week and the rest of their time they rest in a cage. 😢

The owner doesn't care if they have a broken toe, they let them run anyways.

What kind of a life is this?

Thanks God, Artie has a loving family now. ❤️

If you'd like to help to support or you'd like to rescue an ex race dog, please do check out Hounds in Homes.

You can donate to them. Also if you are looking for a dog who you'd like to give your love to and in return you will get all his love, consider adopting from this beautiful organisation.

In case you'd like to take photos of your family dog, do not hesitate to contact me.

Have a lovely day,

Sydney based Equine & Canine photographer


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