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Photographing Rescue Greyhounds for Hounds in Homes | Sydney, Hills District | Canine Photography

As a photographer, there are few ways I can give back to my community.

That's why I partnered up with an organisation Hounds in Homes so I can use my photography skills to help animals in need 🐕 By taking photos of adoptable dogs, I am hoping I can help them find their forever homes and make a positive impact on their lives.

Hounds in Homes is a rescue organisation helping find homes for greyhounds. They are passionate and all the people involved have so much love towards these animals.

I love taking photos of any dogs, but taking photos of greyhounds must be one of my favourite activities.

They have unique appearance, fit, slender bodies and long legs, making them visually stunning dogs. As a photographer, I really appreciate the opportunity to capture their unique beauty and grace in my images.

The first ever greyhound I took photo of was Artie (who was by the way also rescued with the help of Hounds in Homes Organisation). Getting to know Artie's story, I realised I need to help these animas in someway too.

The pet photography session was arranged for an early morning time in a Pennant Hills park. We've been so lucky as the early morning light was just so stunning! I couldn't wish for a better canine photography session in this beautiful park in the Hills District.

First I took photos of Luna. Luna is the sweetest girl with affectionate and friendly personality. She was leaning on me immediately when we arrived. She looked at me with those puppy eyes and I fell in love with her immediately! (I wish I would be in a situation to adopt her!)

She was a great model for us, especially because she was very interested in a bird that was making noises on a tree. Luna was also the only one from the 3 greyhounds I photographed who was a bit food motivated.

The second doggy model was Molly. Molly's colouring was so beautiful, and she looked like she is smiling all the time. She was not food motivated at all, but when we did action photos, she was always running towards me with such happiness.

The gentle and relaxed nature of these graceful dogs makes them such a joy to capture on photos, Molly really did bring a smile to my face.

The last one was Hugo. Hugo has a gorgeous body full of muscle. I believe it is from his racing past. He is very new to the rescue and still very cautious about his surroundings. His foster carer was so great connecting with him and getting him to positions for some great photos.

Thanks everyone who made this canine photoshoot possible to help these dogs find the love and happiness they deserve. 💚

Have a lovely day,

Eva 😘


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