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Private Equine Portrait Session | SIEC Sydney

I just love taking photos at SIEC in Sydney, such a photogenic place! It is only the best spots there.

Emma is one of my returning clients and it is always such a pleasure to take photos of her and her beautiful boy Spencer.

SIEC Equine Photographer Show horse and girl

They are made to be models! Not just that they have amazing personality but also Emma has such a genuinely positive vibe that it makes you want to be around her.

Before Emma had her show with Spencer we took some private portrait photos around SIEC. We walked around as well as riding, we took photos from the ground too.

Taking private equine portraits in SIEC Sydney is definitely one of my favourite things to do. Not just the environment is stunning but also the colours. It's clean, it's green, it's just a pure beauty.

Spencer also got a little bit of an exercise and we took couple of riding photos in one of the arenas too.

I don't know about you, but I just love the private portrait horse photoshoots. There is always something extra in them. And the best is definitely with a client who has been photographed by me several times.

I also took a short video of them, as a promo for Queen Equestrian Clothing that can be found on my instagram and also few more on their instagram page.

Let me know if you liked the photos that were not show related and taken at SIEC. Would you like to have something like this before or after your show in SIEC? Let me know and we can discuss the details.

Have a lovely day, from a Sydney based equine and canine photographer,

Eva ;)


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