Photoshoot with the ex racehorse Leo in Scheyville National Park

This session was my personal project and a private horse photo shoot. Leo and Camille is helping me create all kind of vlogs I want to share. There are way too many things I'd like to create but it's never enough time.

We took these photos of the beautiful off-track Thoroughbred during the vlog "How to get your horses attention for a photoshoot"

These are few of my favourite images we took during our time.

I also love the photos we took while Camille lunged Leo. My post process is in Photoshop and I created these images to give the impression that the horse is "free".

I think I we created beautiful images and I am proud I could take photos of such beautiful horse!

Let me know if you'd like similar images and we can discuss the details. Cheers,

Sydney based Equine and Canine photographer