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Capturing the Love and Connection: Stunning Equine Photoshoot with Spencer and Emma in Glenorie, NSW

Capturing the Beauty: Emma & Spencer's Equine Photoshoot in Glenorie

In the dreamy landscape of Glenorie, I had the pleasure of photographing Spencer alongside Emma. This marked our third equine photoshoot together, showcasing the deep bond between Emma and her beloved horse. As we met again in the nicely lit, green paddock, I couldn't help but notice how much Emma had grown since our last session. The soft, golden light filtering through the trees added a magical touch to the scene, creating a stunning backdrop for our equine photoshoot in this lovely Sydney location.

Equine Photoshoot in Glenorie Sydney

Location, Outfit and Everything you need for a Photoshoot with your Horse

When preparing for your equine photoshoot, there are several key factors to consider to ensure a successful session. Location plays a crucial role, and for Emma's photoshoot, we opted for the scenic backdrop of Glenorie. Having previously captured moments in Arcadia and SIEC, exploring new locations adds variety and depth to her images. Understanding the nuances of each location, such as the direction of the setting sun and available shade, allows me to plan the lighting effectively for stunning results. Equally important is choosing the right outfit. Emma's thoughtful selection from my client wardrobe perfectly complemented the surroundings, resulting in images that beautifully captured her mood and the essence of the equine photoshoot. If you're unsure about what to wear, I've written a blog post offering guidance on selecting the ideal attire for your equine photoshoot in Sydney.

Riding in a dress during your equine photoshoot

During Emma's equine photoshoot in Glenorie, Sydney, she expressed a desire to capture some images of her riding Spencer while wearing a dress. Although not engaged in full riding, just leisurely strolling around the paddock, it's still a moment that requires careful consideration. Some horses may need practice adjusting to the presence of long-tailed dresses, so I always advise clients in advance. Despite Spencer being accustomed to an exercise rug, the dress presented a new sensation for him. However, he displayed remarkable bravery, stepping gracefully as if he were a noble prince's horse.

Are you looking for an experienced equine photographer in the Greater Sydney area?

As I reflect on the lovely moments captured during Spencer's equine photoshoot alongside the pretty Emma, I couldn't be more thrilled with the outcome. Now that you've had a glimpse into this remarkable session, are you considering capturing your own horse's beauty in Sydney, Arcadia, Glenorie, Dural, Kenthurst, Maraylya, Hornsby, or beyond? Whether you envision a solo equine photoshoot or wish to include your other furry companion, I'm here to turn your vision into reality. With a variety of stunning locations in mind or the option to stay close to your horse's stable for added comfort, let's create timeless memories together. Click below to reach out and discuss your equine photoshoot aspirations further.

Have a lovely day and thank you for reading my horse photoshoots in Sydney blog!

Sydney based equine and canine photographer. Taking photos and videos of horses and dogs across Greater Sydney like Dural, Kenthurst, Maraylya, Glenorie, Arcadia, Galston, Cattai, Camden, The Oaks, and even beyond!


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