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Not just an "equine photographer near me" this is THE Thoroughbred Tale in Maraylya's Scheyville National Park | Equine Photography in Sydney

In the world of equine photography, it's easy to get caught up in the glamour of showjumping arenas or the pretty dressage competitions. But for me, the true magic lies in the intimate moments shared between a horse and their human. That's why I always take the time to connect with my clients before a photoshoot, ensuring that we capture not just stunning images, but also the soul of their unique bond.


Camille, had this wonderful idea to take Leo out to Maraylya's Scheyville National Park for her portrait session. This amazing location has a float parking and the grass, the trees, the nature is just breathtaking. Join me on this journey as I showcase you, my kind of equine photography and discover the beauty of a Thoroughbred tale in one of Sydney's most charming equine photography locations.

Scheyville National Park Horse Friendly and it might as well be all Horse photographers dream location in Sydney

Sydney, Scheyville National Park is as a haven for equine enthusiasts—a place where horse-friendly trails are and parking floats is a easy-peasy. So when it came time to choose the backdrop for our equine photoshoot, I couldn't have been more thrilled to set our sights on this picturesque park. With Camille's handsome Leo, polished to perfection, we went on our adventure, float in tow, ready to capture moments of pure magic.

However, as fate would have it, our meticulous preparations led us to the brink of twilight, with the sun dipping low and time slipping through our fingers. With a quick change of plans, we opted to stay closer to the parking area, making the most of the remaining light to illuminate Camille's smile and Leo Mr. majestic. Though the golden hour may have missed us, the spirit of our equine photoshoot remained undiminished, we captured joy and had fun making these memories.

golden hour horse photography in maraylya with a chestnut horse and a girl in green dress

Fun during an equine photography in Sydney

It was a bit of a challenge of capturing photos in the low-light but with high ISO setting and editing, the photos turned out to be lovely! One thing remained clear—fun was the name of the game during our equine photoshoot in Sydney. Despite Leo's enthusiasm to the lush grass beneath his hooves, Camille's laughter and good mood filled the air, adding each frame a sense of joy and spontaneity. And while we may have faced our fair share of light (or rather no light) situation, the beauty of Scheyville National Park offered a stunning backdrop that elevated every shot to new heights. In the end, it was the laughter, good mood, and the discovery of this gem in Sydney that truly made our equine photography adventure an unforgettable treasure.

Behind the scenes of an equine photoshoot in Sydney

Camille generously allowed me to capture snippets of our photoshoot on video, offering a glimpse into the process of bringing Leo's beauty to life through photography. As the sun dipped below the horizon and time became our greatest enemy, we found ourselves navigating between spontaneity and efficiency. Due to the rushed pace I didn't double-check the camera angles of my videography camera! However we managed to capture some moments that showcased our equine photo session. These behind the scenes photoshoot moments are great to share with my clients, offering them a sneak peek behind the curtain and a deeper understanding of what goes into creating timeless equine portraits. With their consent, I'll continue to document these behind-the-scenes adventures, ensuring that future clients can book in their own equine photoshoots with confidence and excitement.

Here is the behind the scene video about this equine photoshoot in the heart of Scheyville National Park equine photo session:

Did this little horse tale made you think about your photoshoot? Feel free to get in touch with me to discuss your dream location and dream horsey photos!


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