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What to wear for my equine photoshoot? | Tips from a Sydney based Equine photographer

So many people ask, - what to wear for the photoshoot?

How you dress for a photoshoot can have a huge impact on the photos created for you.

Few facts to keep in mind when choosing your outfit.

Your horse's colour

Below is my suggestion for the colours according to your horse's colour however try to choose either a few shades darker or lighter tone than your horse to avoid blending in.

  • Dark and black horses: easy, so many choices you have, however if you want to make the best out of your photo, choose from bright or light tones to contrast your horse colour. Maybe red, magenta, pink, ivory, white, blue, green or light pastel colours would fit well.

  • Grey horses: dark colours work best, with those you avoid to blend in with your horse. Red/burgundy, emerald/green, sapphire/blue, black.

  • Chestnut and or palomino horses: If we look at a complementary colour wheel the shades of blue, green and plum work perfectly.

  • Bay horse, buckskin or paint horses: Again blue, green, dusty pink, cream/white.

Style, type, occasion of the photos

Think about what you want to say with your photos.

  • Is it an ordinary day you want to put on a photo as a rider? Then your eventing/ horse show clothes work perfectly. If you don't have one, black/white riding pants and a riding shirt is as good

  • Is it a family photoshoot with your beloved four legged friend? Make sure your outfit goes together with all your family members, but try to avoid wearing the very same clothes. The best is choosing one colour theme and work around that colour and don't forget your horse's colour when choosing.

  • Do you wish to wear regular clothes? If you like patterns, try to use simple ones. Solid colours works the best as they are not fast fashion, they are beautiful years from now too.

  • Would you like to be super pretty and capture photos in a dress? First thing to think about, do you want to ride in a dress? If yes, make sure you are wearing leggings or shorts under the dress, and the dress should be long enough not to show what is under. Also ensure yourself that your horse is not afraid of the dress and will not throw back.


Usually a photoshoot with your horse has a limited location availabilities, unless you travel to an exact place you want your photo to be taken. Most probably it will be either in the woods, around sand, on the green field, if you have access to a seaside or lake, or surrounded with flowers but could be in the stable. All of these locations have specific colors and you want to make sure the tones you are wearing are a good fit with the environment. Here are some complementary colour for each location:

  • Green (woods, fields) the best match is: grey, green, orange, light orange, mustard, brown, hot pink, old pink, white

  • Brown (woods, stable) the best match: brown, white, blue, hot pink, yellow, mustard, mint, turquoise, gold, orange, rose.

  • Blue (lake, sea) the best match: blue, beige, orange, shades of pink, red, white, grey, peach

Things to keep in mind

  • Shoes: select footwear that protects your toes and is a good match to your outfit.

  • Weather: snow or overcast - cold colours, sunny - warm colours

  • Time: Try out your outfit with your horse before the session, confirm that your horse is not scared and you don't have to spend time during your photoshoot to get him/her used to your new dress

  • Accessories: don't be afraid to combine accessories like hats, necklaces/jewellery, riding gloves, or equipment for your horse in the colour of your dress

  • Hair: you can use hairdressing services before your session but if you prefer not to, wash and dry your hair yourself, it just adds an extra beauty of the overall photo.

  • Makeup: Do not try something new before the photoshoot. If you like makeup, have one that you are comfortable with. I like the simplest one.

  • Nails: your nails are visible, especially on close up photos. If you use nail polish, choose a colour that fits your clothes.

  • Mood: try to have a good night rest before your session.

If you are looking for a professional photographer to take your photos and you are located in: Terry Hills, Kenthurst, Dural, Arcadia (Hills district), Richmond, Windsor or Penrith, Blue Mountains basically in Sydney and surroundings do let me know and we can check if I have availability.

Have a lovely day,

Tips & tricks from a Sydney based Equine & Canine photographer. Taking photos of horses and dogs across greater Sydney.


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