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A fun Equine Photo Session | in Arcadia

Offering a service it is always about people. It is not enough to be good with horses dogs, animals in general, but you have to have a sense of communication and relationship. It is not always the same and that's why this equine photoshoot in Arcadia was one of my favourites.

beautiful girl and her horse photoshoot in arcadia

Emma not just have beautiful horses, and pretty look, she is also so much fun. Every time I get home from such an equine photoshoot, I am not just exited about the photos, but I am also energised from the positive vibes I receive.

Also Archie reminded me of my Sister's little arab horse Carmen, I really loved her and she thought me a lot when I was young.

To make this photo session even more perfect the location we were at is absolutely stunning. 😍

I hope I will meet these absolutely beautiful souls again, and hope to take few more photos of them.

Have a lovely day, Eva Hergott Photography


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