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Stud & Horse Sales Photography | Greater Sydney

Professional images are vital when selling your horse or advertising your stallion's services

If you are a professional equestrian in the business of breeding or selling horses, it may be worth thinking about hiring a professional photographer for your advertising and marketing efforts.

In sale horse or stud advertisement the photos are key, photography holds the power to make an exceptional horse look average or an average horse look exceptional.

I am happy to take your stud and/or horse sale photography. Depending on how many horses you'd like to advertise I am travelling around Greater Sydney or after a phone call I may travel further in NSW.

Some of my examples of Stud & Horse Sales photography

Beside photographing your horse, I am creating simple videos too. The videography can include (depends on the horse age and knowledge):

  • Walking the horse:

    • recording from site

    • recording front

    • recording from back

  • Recording standing horse (Close up frames)

  • Recording riding:

    • walk

    • trot

    • canter

Possibility to record with drone too, this may apply additional charges.

In case you'd like to have photos under saddle, it is no problem and we can definitely take images like that too.

If you are interested to get your photos from a professional photographer, do not hesitate to contact me. I'll listen how exactly you want to advertise your horse and the photos will be created accordingly.

In the contact for under "I am interested in" please select "Equine Event - Custom VIP Session" Thank you!


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