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Photographing the most adorable Yorkshire terrier - Baby in Mosman

I am more of a big dog type of person, but Baby has such a unique personality that she just stole my heart. She acts like she would be a big dog. She also knows she is a "woman". I loved everything in her and I really think we took some nice photos this beautiful afternoon.

Nicole and John her family is absolutely amazing people too! I've got so much energy from them, they are super active and sporty. Imagine they are taking Baby on the Paddle Board with them. Wow such an adventures dog! I hope I can photograph them early morning too, I've actually never took photos of a dog on the paddle board.

Baby also deserved her very own Canvas. The company I am working with offers 75 years warranty on their canvas. And trust me those prints are absolutely amazing!

canvas from photoshoot sydney

Once Nicole saw the canvas, she said the print is even better than the digital. I completely agree with her! How lucky I could photograph this amazing little doggy. <3

Have a lovely day,

A Sydney based equine and canine photographer


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