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Mabel the beautiful eyed dog's photoshoot | at Fagan Park

Photographing dogs brings so much joy to me. Seeing those happy four legged energy bombs! Mabel is a rescued bullmastiff cross doggy. She has absolutely amazing eyes and it's something we really wanted to capture.

fagan park dog photography

I have lot of favourite Parks, and I try to find the best one for your pet photography session in Sydney. It always depends which one is dog friendly and which one is near by. After a short discussion we discussed with Hannah that Fagan Park is the best to take the photos of the pretty bullmastiff cross lady.

This canine photo session was supposed to be in December however like most of our plans we had to reschedule because of Covid. Once the session was approaching, the weather wasn't looking promising, so we had to reschedule again, but we made it work next time.

Why this photoshoot was even more special?

Beside taking few family photos Hannah (Mabel's "mum") has a beautiful family with the same aged toddler as my little Emma. It's great when you have something common with the family you are taking photos.

What else did we have common? You never guess, we found out that Hannah have Hungarian roots!! Me being in Sydney as a pet photographer, I meet lot of different people. Imagine, I have never met anyone with Hungarian roots though. I loved this afternoon, and even though we didn't have sunlight we definitely had great time!

I am so looking forward to see the prints of these photos and meet this lovely family again!

If you'd like to capture your dog family member, and you are located in Sydney tell me more about yourself and find out if I am the right photographer to capture your photos.

Have a great day!

Eva A Sydney based Canine photographer capturing your beautiful dogs!


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