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How to create black background photos on my phone | Equine photo tips, from a NSW based photographer

Black backgrounds are definitely in style and will be for a while, they are elegant, beautiful and look super professional. They are easier to take than you think. Now I am sharing how you can take black background photos of your horse on your mobile.

Black background for professional equine photographers

I am not going to write about this as so much information can be found already on the internet on how to take black background images. There are many great videos too, just search on youtube.

Black background horse photos with mobile

Taking black background photos of your horse is not that hard on mobile either. There are similar steps you have to follow just like when a professional photographer takes those photos. Here are the steps:

  1. Let your horse stand in the barn entrance or shed door (preferably not in the sun, so there are no funky shadows from ears and neck).

  2. Close all windows, doors in the barn/shed so there is no light in the background

  3. If there are any lights to eliminate, try to compose your photo in a way that it is behind your horse and it is not visible on the photo.

  4. Adjust the exposure for darker (underexpose image)

How to adjust exposure on the phone?

As my last step is a setting, I’d like to explain how you can do it (you might already know). Almost all phones have a similar setting.

  1. tap on your horse’s eye/face on the screen to bring up the focus point

  2. Alongside the focus point, you'll see a sun/star icon. Tap and hold on the icon, then slide it down to adjust the photo and make it darker.

Tada, you have a photo of your horse with a dark background! To make it even better you can edit it a bit with the phone editor that is already built in. Cheers,

Tips & tricks from a Sydney based equine photographer. Taking photos of horses and dogs across greater Sydney.


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