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Giving back and Donating to Horse Rescue Australia

Giving back and help those in need. I know many horses are not treated as they deserve to be. Some are lucky to get to the team Horse Rescue Australia and they help them get better (in case they are injured) or find a forever loving home.

I know the Horse Rescue Australia team is doing a lot of work and spending huge amount of money to save these horses. As a horse photographer located near to this charity I can use my skills behind the lens to give back to this horse community!

After each photoshoot I donate $10 to Horse Rescue Australia.

I also created a fine art photo of the rescued horses. This print can be purchased from Hergott Photography and all the profit will be donated to the Rescued Horses.

If you'd like to purchase this print for $350 and support the horses, please contact me here and at the "I'm interested in" section select "Print of Rescued Horses & Donation for Horse Rescue Australia"

I'll send you an invoice with payment options.

If you have any questions I am more than happy to answer! Have a lovely day, Eva A Sydney based pet photographer


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