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Equine Photo Halter | Made Locally in Australia for Equine Photographers

Photography halters are a very useful tool for equine photographers.

After purchasing my equine photo halter from an overseas equine photographer, I've decided I will save the time of the Australian based Equine photographers and create these special halters myself.

You can purchase personally the equine photo halter in Sydney or I can post with AU Post.

The halter cost is $30 AUD + $10 Post

If you'd like to purchase the halter, please contact me here and at the "I'm interested in" section select "Equine Photo Halter" if you'd like to purchase more than one please let me know.

Once I know how many halters you'd like to get, I can send you an invoice with payment options (PayPal, Card, Direct Debit).

Why do equine photographers use a photo halter?

Equine photo halter is a specially made rope halter. It is very minimalistic and made specifically for horse photographers.

The reason why photographers like to use it is simple, here are my favourite ones:

  • Small pack size - it fits any photo bag;

  • Retouching the halter in no time at all - saving time on other important things;

  • Adjustable size therefore it is good from mini horse to coldblood;

  • Possibility to lunge a horse and thus take “free” action photos but also perfect for portraits too;

  • It is safe, does not exert unnecessary pressure and the horses have no negative reactions to it.

A review from a fellow equine photographer:

photo halter australia

Let me know if you have any questions before you would purchase the halter and I am happy to answer them.

Have a lovely day,

Mosman based Equine and Pet photographer taking photos in Hawkesbury area, The Hills districts and other Greater Sydney locations.


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