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Christmas holiday photo ideas with your horse | Ideas from a NSW, Sydney based Equine photographer

Christmas is approaching faster than I’ve realised. Everyone is ready to take the perfect photo for this holiday season with their horse.

There are so many nice photos, I thought I would give you a few ideas you can choose from.

Location and Backdrop

As I am living in Sydney, Christmas is not white at all. That’s the reason why I will use black background for most of my images.

If you have snow I do recommend taking photos in the snow.

If there is no snow and you don’t have the black background option, find a simple location with not too many things around, as this time you want to have the full focus on the Christmas props.


We chose a black dress, but if you have a nice red, green dress I think that can work well. Obviously if the weather at your location is not for dress, you could use a nice red or Christmas sweater. Simple black jacket could work well with a red beanie & scarf too.

The classic one with the Christmas Garland on the horse's neck

There are several types of garlands you can use. There are budget options and more expensive options. More ornaments or less ornaments. It’s totally up to you. The best is, you can change every Christmas the types you want to use.

  • You can make your own from real or fake pine tree branches. Watch a video how to here

  • You can buy from Target, Kmart, Local ABC shops.

christmas photoshoot with a horse in sydney

A simple red bow on a simple green garland on the horse

I love the simplicity and I do not mind not having too many things or props on the horse.

Again you can purchase a huge bow for a small amount of money for example here

Kenthurst christmas photoshoot with my horse

We can use a big red bow on a different prop / Gift for your horse

How about using a basket full of yami horse things such as apples, carrots and putting the red bow on the basket?

I used an old flower basket, painted again, added some red ribbon on the handles and pinned the big red bow on it.

You can use a fake Christmas tree too.

Small red bows in the mane

How simple is that? I originally wanted to use small hair clips my baby daughter has, but I didn't have enough. Instead I used red bows for wrapping gifts and used it in the horse’s mane. It’s easy, it’s pretty and cute! If you find it too simple, you can wrap a tinsel around the horse's neck.

christmas photos with my horse sydney

Using a Christmas light chain just like a garland

This one is recommended with a black background, in a shed or barn entrance. This could be amazing, however it is a bit tricky to photograph so I did tweak it a bit in photoshop to make the lights stand out a bit more.

The oaks christmas photoshoot with my horse

Christmas Reindeer Antlers

There are already specific bonnets with reindeer horns. Have a look at this shop

But if you are on a budget, you can simply use one antler from a dollar shop. If you are getting photographs together with your horse, you could wear one too.

horse photoshoot in christmas Arcadia

Santa Hat

Santa hats are again something that are making into horse fashion. You can buy a special horse Santa hat just like this one

But you can simply use one from the dollar shop.

It is nice to use it together with a red winter scarf on your horse’s neck (we didn't have one).

Riding in Christmas outfit

You can buy different Christmas outfits from shops, ready to wear.

Here are some for your reference. You can buy a Santa hat for a helmet too.

But we created the outfit for both horse & rider.

  • Rider’s Outfit:

The general cheap Santa hats are too small for the helmets, so you will need to cut it a bit. You can just have the cut part in the back. Pants & boots: I prefer simple black riding tights and black boots. Top: Red shirt without any mark. Probably not everyone has summer during Christmas so if your Christmas is in winter I would use this Rider Outfit: Pants & boots: I prefer simple black riding tights and boots. Top: Red crochet sweater Accessories: White winterish scarf, black riding gloves

  • Horse’s Outfit:

Tack: Your regular tack (clean), if your tack is black that’s awesome Saddle pad: Red saddle pad Accessories: Red boot set or red fleece wrap

For making it “extra” Christmasy use a red/silver Christmas tinsel on your horse’s neck or mane. Wrap a short red/silver tinsel on your browband and add a tinsel around your saddle pad. I used fold back clips to hold it. Hop on your horse, have a nice ride and someone can take your photos in this outfit.

riding in christmas outfit sydney

You can combine all the different props, you can decorate a Christmas tree and use that in your photos too. Hope in these Christmas holiday photo ideas there was at least one you didn’t know about and you will be able to use this Christmas.

You can combine all the different props, you can decorate a Christmas tree and use that in your photos too. Hope in these Christmas holiday photo ideas there was at least one you didn’t know about and you will be able to use this Christmas. If you are looking for a professional photographer to take your photos and you are located in: Terry Hills, Kenthurst, Dural, Arcadia (Hills district), Richmond, Windsor or Penrith, Blue Mountains basically in Sydney and surroundings do let me know and we can check if I have availability.

Have a lovely festive time!


Tips & tricks from a Sydney based Equine & Canine photographer. Taking photos of horses and dogs across greater Sydney.


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