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Foster Cat Photography Session | Mosman in Sydney, New South Wales

📷 Pet photography - does it involve 😺 cats too?


Even though, for me it started with horses, I consider myself a Pet photographer, who takes photos primarily of horses and dogs, but if your pet is a cat, bunny 🐇 or other sweet creature, I'd love to capture them too!

This particular session was for a cat, Tiger, who is currently with foster parents. He is a 6 year old desexed and microchipped beautiful cat looking to be adopted.

His previous family surrendered him due to being scared of a new baby who arrived in the family. Beside this fact Tiger is super loving and affectionate.

He is very clean and smart cat. He loves humans company and always seeks to be near by. He is also quite chatty ( through purring rather than meowing) and generally speaking just low energy lovely indoor fur ball 😺

So if anyone is open to adopting this cutie, and is happy to give him his forever loving home, please contact, Cremorne Vet hospital to enquire there 🙂

#dontshopadopt Have a lovely day, Eva :)


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