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Canine Photoshoot with the cutest dachshund | Terry Hills, NSW

One of my favourite dogs are dachshunds. They are just super cute, funny and absolutely adorable.

We had so much fun walking around the stables, paddock and created the best little memories with Topi.

Topi was super exited during our pet photo-session and he was constantly licking Monika's face. However his attention was easy to catch.

One of my favourite time to do a pet photography session in Sydney is definitely spring. Spring has something to it, the amazing flowers, the fresh air and the everywhere blooming smells is just so nice.

Cannot wait to have my next sprint pet photography session in Sydney. If you are one who is looking for a photoshoot for their dog, do not hesitate to message me, maybe I'll be a right fit for taking your photos.

In the meantime enjoy this beautiful time of the year.

Have a nice day,


Sydney based pet photographer :)


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