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Brand Ambassador | Hergott Photography | Sydney, NSW

Welcome to the Hergott Photography Horse and Dog Brand Ambassador Program! I am SUPER EXCITED to create this program for my photography and I hope you will be too.

What does a Hergott Photography’s Brand Ambassador do?

  • The Ambassador will be a model with her/his horse or dog therefore the Brand Ambassador enjoys taking their photo, video.

  • There might be times when only her/his horse or dog will be in the photo.

  • The Ambassador is participating in behind the scenes (BTS) videos.

  • As Hergott Photography’s Brand Ambassador I will also ask you to tell your friends and family all about me and your experience with my photography session, including sharing images/videos from your session across social medias and tagging Hergott Photography, recommending me to those who ask in person and in local online groups

What will you get?

  • All sessions with a setup of my choosing and 3 selected free edited full quality digital images after each session (this may be a special setup I've created and want to promote, for example Christmas season photo sessions).

  • Discounted printed products when purchased from your gallery!

  • You will also be able to gift $50 towards any of the sessions to a friend or family member once per month.

  • You will also have a discounted referral code for friends or acquaintances.

  • After every 3 referrals you are either eligible for a further 10% discount or a small commission.

I really want this to be a win / win for us both and I would really want to work with someone who would appreciate this opportunity.

Who is this ideal for?

  • You have your own (or family) horse or dog;

  • You have no problem to be in photos, videos and give me permission to share on social media sites;

  • You are over 18 or you have full written permission from your parents to participate in this program;

  • You will be able to find time at least once per month (either early morning or 1-2 hours before sunset) to take photos and videos;

  • You and your horse are located within 1 hour drive from North Sydney.

  • You like the type of photos I took in the past

Last thing to note!

As I mentioned above, this is a brand new thing to me. I am super excited about it and I hope you will be too! If being a Brand Ambassador will be successful, rewards might change in the future, but I am hoping only for the better. In the beginning I will select 1 HORSE and 2 DOG ambassadors, this might change in the future too. The announcement who are the successful ambassadors will be after Covid restriction ease. For now it is 30th July, if it will be prolonged, my ambassador search will be prolonged too. If all the above sounds like you would be a great fit, do not hesitate to apply. Also feel free to send anyone you know who may also be a good fit!

How to Apply?

To apply for Hergott Photography Brand Ambassador search in Sydney please fill out the form linked HERE.

Can't wait to start this journey!



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