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Weekly Planner Notepad for Equestrians

If you are like me you have a hard time to track your TO-DOs, sometimes feel low and demotivated. To keep myself motivated and try to achieve more in my life, I listen to podcasts and get ideas from them. One of my favourite is The Approachable Equestrian podcast.

One day when I was walking home and listened one of the episodes Rhianna was talking about TO-DOs, also about giving gratitude to things we are grateful for. The other episode was talking about how to keep yourself happy and what you should do for yourself.

I don't have any particular place where I can write these things. TO-DOs are on sticky notes and I forget about being grateful about the good things in my life.

And what I do for my self-care? Nothing much, not just because since covid came, I care less about myself, but also because my motivation is not as high.

So when I write down what I did or going to do for myself, it keeps me motivated, it is written, I feel like I have to do it and I am happy when I actually did it.

These thoughts were the main motivation on creating this notepad (and obviously having one of my favourite horsey photo I took printed on it).

I also did a little bit of research of the style and design and the final result is this:

The photo of the horse is one of my pictures I took of the beautiful Leo, who is an off the track thoroughbred.

What do you think? Do you have anything else you would add to the planner? Let me know and I could create the next style with your ideas.

You can buy the planner in my shop :)

Hope it will help you to track your plans and keep you motivated <3


Eva from Hergott Photography

Sydney based equine and canine photographer. Taking photos and videos of horses and dogs across Greater Sydney.


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