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Two Beagles, One place | Chatswood Pet Photography

There are so many hidden gems in Sydney. This amazing park we had our photoshoot in is in Chatswood and it wasn't the first time taking photos in Muston Park. You can find everything here, maze, small river, trees, big field, strait sidewalk, bridge... So many variation for your dog photo session.

2 dogs 🐕‍🦺 it is always a bit more challenge. A challenge I actually really like!

Sometimes there has to be extra post process but in general these type of photos are so rewarding to just look at.

Can't wait to take photos of beagles again! They are so much fun to work with and such a personality they have.

Thanks for checking out my blog and hopefully see you at your pet photoshoot one of Sydney's beautiful locations. Cheers, Eva :)


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