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How to choose your pet photographer for your horse or dog? | Tips from a Sydney based photographer

Choosing your photographer for your horse or dog is not an easy thing to do. There are so many things to consider and different aspects have different priorities for each individual. I am going through some of these aspects. I feel they are important and might help you to choose your pet photographer, even if it is not me.


My first thing I would do is check the photographers in the surrounding areas. Location doesn't always have to be a problem when choosing your pet photographer, a lot of photographers would travel far to take the perfect shot for you, however that could be visible in the budget.

Being in Sydney there are plenty of photographers to choose from, not just for events, weddings, fashion, family but pet photographers too. I’ve attached links on each type of photoshoots where a well known company Peerspace collected their selection of best photographers in Sydney. I am very proud that I’ve been listed in their Pet photographers list too.

Relationship to animals

Most of the pet photographers became pet photographers as they have a good relationship with horses, dogs, and cats or other small animals.

Photographers who own(ed) a horse, a dog will know what to be careful about. Will understand that your horse or dog has different needs and they have emotions too. That’s important during a photoshoot and you want a photographer to understand your best friend's needs. Make sure they give enough time to your animal to be in comfort.


the service, that’s more likely to have a negative response and visible feedback.

When choosing your pet photographer, where can you find testimonials? Feedbacks usually can be found on web sites or Google profile, Facebook site. I recommend checking these to see what other people say about the photographer.


If you are looking for a pet photographer it is reasonable to ask around among your friends and acquaintances. We are living in a digital world and Instagram and Facebook is a great place to see who took that amazing photo of your friend.

Maybe you hear about that photographer at the barn, at an agility training or shows, don’t hesitate to ask your friend who they recommend to take that action shot of your dog or that amazing portrait of your horse.


If someone has referred a photographer to you, you've probably seen their work from your friends profile, however you might want to have a look at all of their work.

You can check their web, or any social media for their fresh work.


The pricing is different and you have to know yourself how much you are willing to invest.

There is a report created by Snappr where it is shown how much a pet photographer approximately costs.

A person who is in the photography business for more than 10 years will definitely charge more but that doesn’t mean you cannot get decent photos from a more affordable pet photographer.

I think it is important to get value for money and if you are willing to support photographers who are at the beginning of their journey, but already comfortable doing their own business you might get good luck and have some decent photos for an amazing price too.

Make sure you do your research and give the best experience to your horse, dog, cat. Let me know if you feel I've missed something, or if there is anything you are specifically looking for when hiring a pet photographer?


Tips and tricks from a Sydney, Mosman based pet photographer.


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